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About us
In the late fifties, when paper was all about plain white sheets of papyrus, Chimanlals rolled out an exclusive range of paper products that defied set norms of both raw materials and colour and designs.

Inspired from the myriad of traditional (ikkat, bandhani, ghumar, patola, warli,....) as well as contemporary constituents of Indian culture, Chimanlals rewrote history in paper, for paper and about paper.

The objective was crystal clear: in pursuit of design - traditional and contemporary, to achieve excellence in quality and make paper a way of life. In a nutshell - bringing Paper Culture into every day life.

Bearing this in mind the product range is utility-oriented and designed for the general consumer - social stationery items like designed letter papers, with coordinated envelopes, gift covers, gift wrappers, bags, boxes, collapsible baskets, desk organisers, etc.; office stationery like collapsible magazine racks, pencil holders, etc.; as well as a retail outlet for handmade paper, manufactured in different parts of India.

As for design, Indian Culture has been the fountainhead of inspiration at Chimanlals. Every design is studied and researched before being applied in a very concise form without making any concessions for the graphical and emotional values of the motif.

The products hence reflect a flawless Indianess - art and way of life - and have a mass appeal abroad as well. This has resulted in a steady growth of the overseas market. In fact, Chimanlals exports regularly to several buyers in countries like the USA, UK, Japan, Netherlands, France, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong and many other pockets all over the world.

In an endeavour to forge ahead without losing the objective, Chimanlals, the Paper People, are constantly involved in thinking of new ways to strengthen the Paper Culture and make it grow.

Handmade paper has a long history. The paper was first invented in China, however, Indians are credited to have used paper made from cellulose fibres during 3rd century BC.

The Handmade paper craft is a fascinating Indian handicraft. The traditional KAGZI makes paper from intriguing materials – tree bark, jute, grass, straw, wild flowers, leaves, even silk thread! The process is entirely hand made and extremely laborious – but the end result is a paper with unique textures, uncommon colours and a highly distinctive personality.

Nevertheless, as a result of general neglect the craft dwindled away – almost to the point of extinction. Thus an important Indian handicraft – a legacy from our glorious past – might have been lost forever. The only way to preserve it was by creating a taste for handmade paper and thereby stimulating demand for it, despite the naturally higher price.

Thirty years ago the Chimanlal Paper Company set up a special Department to try and promote handmade paper. It has since then been designing and marketing handmade paper and has succeeded in popularizing it to a fair degree. A wide rage of handmade papers in various grammages, colours, textures and types are retailed. These are procured from paper centres all over India. As these are wood free and hence eco-friendly, their popularity is ever increasing. They are used for wedding invitations, greeting cards, projects by students and so on. Incidentally, they are also preferred by the corporate sector.

in pursuit of traditional indian designs...
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